One Chart Republicans Don’t Want You to See

With the Supreme Court decision on the Affordable Care Act not coming until Thursday now, I feel the need to post once more on the healthcare debate.

Republicans have done a phenomenal job of selling the Affordable Care Act as the single most destructive piece of legislation passed by the Obama Administration. Even though the idea for the law was thought up by Republicans over 2 decades ago, and is full of Republican ideals like personal accountability and getting rid of freeloaders; Republicans still say it’s evil.  They’ve linked it to death panels, deemed it a job killer, and argued it is an attack on personal freedoms – how dare the government ensure all people have healthcare.

However, the most frequent and overused attack against the Affordable Care Act is that the law will create soaring deficits and an unsustainable national debt; it will place a burden of debt on our children and grandchildren.

(Just a side note: Republicans have to stop claiming every Democratic policy will explode our debt while their idea to solve all our problems is cut taxes – which will in turn increase the debt.)

They have repeated this line so many times that it has just become common knowledge: Obamacare increases the debt – Fact. Now, the reason I said Republicans have done such a phenomenal job selling Obamacare as destructive is that it is all a big lie. The Affordable Care Act will actually reduce deficits. The Affordable Care Act will actually save money. As the chart below shows, over time, Obamacare will actually work to reduce deficits.
















Yes, contrary to Republican talking points, Obamacare is actually fiscally responsible healthcare reform. So the Affordable Care Act is centered on personal accountability, and it cuts the deficit – tell me again, why aren’t Republicans on board?


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