Republicans – A Party that Refuses to Compromise

I want to make one more point on the Paul Ryan plan and Republicans in general.  Republicans have entered an age where they refuse to make any compromise whatsoever.  Unfortunately when a party takes this position it makes our system incredibly inefficient.  There is a reason laws have to go through Congress and the House and the White House.  It is to make it difficult for one person or party to have all the control.  The Constitution has set up a system where compromise is almost a necessity in order to pass laws.  Republicans have taken a strong stance against any form of compromise though, and then they get mad when liberals portray them as a do-nothing-Congress.

This issue does not cut both ways; Democrats have consistently been willing to compromise (maybe too willing).  The Affordable Care Act is a compromise between our current system and a single payer system.  Cap and trade is a compromise between the current regulation and a direct carbon tax. These compromises, although once supported by Republicans, are now universally viewed by the right as abominable and one step closer to socialism.

Also, there is no Grover Norquist of the left.  Grover Norquist has persuaded a majority of House Republicans to sign a pledge to never, ever, under any circumstance raise taxes.  That doesn’t exist on the left. The left has not signed a pledge taking an essential power of the government completely off the table.

Finally, concerning the Ryan budget, all he does is decrease taxes, cut programs that more liberal swaying people view as necessary, and increase defense spending. This is the epitome of a refusal to compromise. Taken another way, there is not one aspect of the Ryan plan liberals can jump on board with, this isn’t true for the President’s plan. You may not like the President’s budget, but it is much more of a compromise than Ryan’s budget.  The President is willing to cut some taxes and cut some spending. The President does not have the my-way or the highway approach to his budget like Paul Ryan.

Now I’m sure some conservatives will read this and say “why should we compromise on any issue?” “We are right.” It’s not that simple though.  Both parties always think they are right, but if anything is to get done there has to be a give and take on every issue, and we need to get things done – health care, Social Security, unemployment, the national debt, sustainable energy etc.  The fact is the current Republican Party is unwilling to budge on any of these issues, and this can only cause problems for the country.   Republicans have become so consumed with their ideology that any opposing view is wrong-on-arrival.


3 thoughts on “Republicans – A Party that Refuses to Compromise

  1. In my state, MN, the Republican legislature is circumventing the executive branch entirely by putting their agenda into constitutional amendments that will show up on the ballot this fall. The Governor has no power to veto these measures.

    So far they have gotten banning gay marriage and requiring state issued voter ID onto the ballot.

    You may also recall that the MN government shut down for about two weeks this last summer because the Republicans refused to compromise on a budget, even when the Governor was willing. He eventually caved to get the government running again.

    Michelle Bachman and Tim Pawlenty, two paragons of intransigence, also hail from MN.

    Ultimately, it would seem this strategy will backfire when the Democrats get in power and become as unwilling to flinch on their agenda, too.

  2. Pretty amazing after Obama’s comment after the 2008 election – that he won so he must get his way on the stimulas.

    Obama wasn’t compromising with the GOP minority in his first two years in office. It is only now after his performance resulted in his shellacking in 2010 and he lost control of the House and many seats in the senate that he now calls for compromise.

    The Health Care compromise was forced on Obama after Scott Brown won Ted Kennedy’s Senate seat. Prior to that Obama had a 60 seat fillibuster proof senate and he was pushing a much more radical health care plan. When he had 60 seats in the Senate and control of the house, Obama was not compromising. What did we get from his approach – this great economy where college graduates can’t find work. I guess they all should wait for those government, tax payer funded jobs to return.

    A do-nothing congress? Which house in congress has passed a budget bill while Harry Reid does nothing in the Senate. Really – what is the Senate doing? Are they even showing up for work anymore? Do they do any work? I haven’t heard them do anyting but wait to kill house bills. Have they offered any fresh ideas or bills to solve our problems. Where is Harry Reid and his do-nothing Senate?

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