Romney – Just an Awful Politician

You may hate Romney, you make like Romney, (I venture few love him), you may think he’s a good businessman, you may think he’s a capitalist pig, you may think he’s a Massachusetts moderate or you may think he’s truly conservative, but there’s one thing he truly is; just an awful politician.

Never mind he has flip-flopped on almost every issue (did he learn nothing from John Kerry?) and never mind he continually panders in the most obvious ways to every state he visits (“I like grits”, and “the trees are the right height”), and never mind he has put Vice-President Biden to shame as the gaffe king (“I don’t care about the very poor”); never mind all that, I want to talk about his most recent statement.

The one where he says this: “I keep hearing the president [Obama] say that he’s responsible for keeping America from going into a Great Depression, No, no, no. That was President George W. Bush and [then Treasury Secretary] Hank Paulson that stepped in and kept that from happening.”

This statement is not totally inaccurate, but it is so politically dense. By crediting Bush for keeping America from going into a recession he is in effect crediting the Wall Street bailout as not only good, but also a positive force in this recovery.  Whether it is or it isn’t, is irrelevant, it’s widely unpopular with the public. Meanwhile, Romney has been a staunch opponent of the auto bailout. Romney, who is already viewed as a Wall Street fat cat, is now saying bailing out rich bankers equals saving America and bailing out the average middle-class worker equals the demise of America.

Also, does he think bringing Bush back into the conversation is a good political move? The name still puts a sour taste in the mouths of people across the political spectrum.

Like I said, you may like Romney, but he’s just an awful politician.



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