The Absurd Debate Over Birth Control

The outrageousness of this birth control debate being deemed a war on Christianity is just getting annoying. It is so obvious that women should have access to birth control, in part, because it is just basic healthcare, and because women have had access to it for decades now. Why are Republicans determined to rehash this issue as not about women’s right but about religious freedom? How is giving women access to birth control an attack on religious freedom? No one is forcing Christians to use birth control.  As John Stewart put it, people “are confusing a war on religion with not getting everything you want.”

Republicans seem to think the practice of one religion, namely that of Christianity, is of higher importance than basic women’s rights. I ask, “why?” The distinction is between a real attack on women’s rights and a perceived attack on religious freedom.  The former actually takes away a women’s ability to take care of her body and the latter is religious groups trying to ban something they do not like.  So when conservatives argue that requiring businesses to provide women access to birth control is an attack on religion, remember:  the real attack is on women’s rights. It makes no sense for government to cater to one religion, (when there is no national religion) at the expense of women’s rights.


3 thoughts on “The Absurd Debate Over Birth Control

  1. I usually don’t care about social issues but you miss spoke when you said

    ” So when conservatives argue that requiring businesses to provide women access to birth control is an attack on religion, remember: the real attack is on women’s rights. It makes no sense for government to cater to one religion, (when there is no national religion) at the expense of women’s rights”.

    Conservatives don’t have an issue with this for businesses. It is when it forces compliance on groups that this goes against one of their principles. How can you ask someone to pay for something that total violates one of their core principles. Yes there is no national religion but this country was founded on religious freedom which is being imposed on with this mandate. Where do you stop. Again – this is what happens when you put power in a few Washington elites.

    Also, no one is denied women contraceptives. They can buy it themselves, work for an organization that will cover it or buy a private policy that covers it.

    Obama made this an issue to draw attention away from his terrible economic record and the GOP Candidates fell for the trick. They need to get back to the economic issues.

    • Well here’s the thing the original plan gave exemption to thousands of religious organizations. The controversy came over making religiously affiliated organizations like hospitals and universities, which hire people of various religions, provide birth control to their employees. Then as a compromise Mr. Obama said the birth control would be paid for by the insurance companies. So no longer are businesses, which are morally against birth control, required to pay for the birth control. So where is religious freedom being impeded? It’s clear women’s rights are being violated but it’s not clear where religious freedom is being violated.

      Also, birth control is covered under almost all health care plans so why should women who happen to work at a catholic hospital be denied that coverage? Further, it is difficult to argue they should just go work at a different organization when unemployment is above 8%.

      I find it odd that religious freedom is only talked about when the issue is Christianity. No conservatives were arguing about religious freedom when the muslim community center was trying to be built in New York. It isn’t about religious freedom it’s about Christian freedom.

  2. Ok so what about the organizations that are self insured. Which means the insurance company only administrates the program but the checks are written by the business or organization. Does the compromise exempt self insured religious organization? if not, it isn’t a compromise just another political spin.

    This is no different they when Obama attacked those big bad insurance companies when he implemented Obamacare. Most large businesses are self insured so the insurance company just administers the program. So all those mandates Obama put on the big bad insurance companies are really on the self insured companies which is most major company in the US. Obama just felt the insurance companies were a better target that people can hate.

    Again the left never considers the long term effect of their actions like the uncertainty Obamacare created and how it impacts hiring. Companies are just hiring contractors so they can avoid paying benefits and can cut them at any time. This also causes uncertainty to the contractor.

    Oh but the left’s intentions were good so that is all that matters.

    Also the Muslins wanted to build at Ground Zero. National Security has different standards but the Left has no appreciation for National Security. All they care about is building $750 million soccer fields for the enemy. I thought Obama was suppose to close that place – now he is investing in it. He never wanted to close it – he just wanted it for the 2008 campaign. Now he is searching for a 2012 campaign and he found it in birth control. Anything to stop people from talking about his economic record. Check out those gas prices lately.

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