Economists Agree…

I realize many times in my posts I say economists agree on this or disagree with this, and I usually never say who those economists are.  Well just a note on who those economists are; the main economist I get information from is Paul Krugman.  He is a professor of economics at Princeton, he writes a blog and a column for the New York Times and has won the Nobel Prize in economics. I also get a lot of information and ideas from Mark Thoma, a professor of economics at The University of Oregon.


5 thoughts on “Economists Agree…

    • I actually do read some conservative economists. In fact I go to a conservative school where the economics professor are more conservative. I hope you don’t actually use George Will for your economics information. He is as biased as they come and not even an economist. If you want to read an actual conservative economist I suggest Robert Barro.

  1. Well I guess you don’t consider Mr Barro’s ideas relevant because you never reflect his solutions in any of your posts.

    What is wrong with eliminating the corporate taxes and replace it with a consumption tax?

    Then lets take it a step further and get rid of individual taxes and go straight consumption tax (i.e. the Fair Tax). The Fair Tax is the only tax system that takes the power out of Washington completely. No more tax credits to friends of the party. So lobbiest also lose their power. No more complex tax filings every April 15th. Everyone keeps everything they earn and they decide what they will consume and pay in taxes.

    • Correct I do not see conservative economics as the solution, nor do I see it as my duty to be bi-partisan. Also, a flat tax doesn’t work. It is either highly regressive by shifting a greater tax burden onto the middle and lower class, or it simply will not raise enough revenue. The system we have is fair, it’s progressive. I think many times people forget all income is taxed equally e.g. no one is taxed on their first $20,000 of income.

  2. So you would rather stick to the same old policies that got us into this mess – sound familar?

    The Fair Tax is not a flat tax and I am disappointed that you “Conservative School” never even introduced you to the concept.

    It is also not regressive. Everyone receives a monthly Pre-bate of the taxes they would spend up to the poverty level. So the lower class still will not pay any taxes. No one is taxed on their spending up to the poverty level.

    Then everyone keeps all they make and is taxed on their spending above the poverty level.

    No more games with debating the extension of this tax credit for this special interest and most important – no more uncertainty on tax policy and when Washington wants more money they have to increase a highly visiable consumption tax rate so everyone knows about it. Not like today where they bury tax changes in a huge 1,000 document.

    Total transparency!

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