The Refutation of the “Republican Revolution” – Part 4















Let’s just dig right into this one.  The attack on The Affordable Care Act as socialized medicine is a tired line by the right.  The thing is The Affordable Care Act simply mandates having insurance.  It is more about insurance than actual healthcare.  So it is not government run medicine. There are not going to be government doctors.  “Obamacare” is actually modeled off the Heritage Foundation’s healthcare plan.  It is a right-wing idea.  Also, why is socialized medicine bad? I would love socialized medicine. We are one of the few modern countries who do not have a single payer type system… and what’s the result?  We have higher costs with poorer results.

The other line of attack on the President is that he redistributes the wealth. The main way government redistributes wealth is through taxation, which is allowed by the Constitution.  The problem is the President hasn’t raised taxes! The right really wants to believe Mr. Obama has raised taxes but the thing is he extended the Bush era tax cuts and instituted the payroll tax cut. Just yesterday he put out a plan to lower corporate taxes. So, at what point did the President take money from the rich to give it to the poor?

Liberals hate guns! (sarcasm)  Now, yes Liberals believe in gun control more so than conservatives but they do not want to ban guns.  Too be honest there needs to be a balance on this issue.  No judge wants to abolish the second amendment nor does any judge believe any gun should be made available to any person.  The Supreme Court is supposed to be representative of the population, therefore; there needs to be judges on the bench who are not entirely pro gun

I love how Republicans deem the President as pro-illegal-immigration.  Fact: The President has deported more illegals per year than President Bush.  The criticism is just absurd.

Finally, the President is not engaging in class warfare! That is just a line made up by the right so they can deem a tax increase as divisive.  I’ve written on this issue before, here.


5 thoughts on “The Refutation of the “Republican Revolution” – Part 4

  1. The Right also forgets the government-run/take-over of health care. socialized medicine was deemed the Lie of the Year for 2010 by ( )

    I do find that redistribution of wealth wholly amusing. Thanks for pointing it out. Our entire tax system is based on redistribution of wealth. It’s interesting how they find a way to blame the President for that.

    Oh and can’t forget to mention that Obama made it so guns were allowed in national parks and has significantly increase the number of border guards on the Mexican-US border.

    One has to wonder, if it’s so easy to poke holes in these tallking points, how is it so many people allow themselves to buy into them?

  2. The One Payer system is Obama’s long term plan. Obamacare is the first step toward that. So how does One Payer work? How do we pay our doctors? How do we pay companies to create new breakthru drugs and medical devices?

    Poor results? People are living longer and people come from all over the world to get care here?

    When every other word out of your month is that people should pay their fair share – don’t be surprised if you get label a redistributor of wealth. The only reason he hasn’t raised taxes is because the GOP has stop him – thank heavens for the Filibuster. Also, every tax cut is a battle that he lost. All he has talked about (to apease his doners) is letting the Bush tax custs expire for the wealth. If he could raise taxes he would – but he didn’t have the votes.

    Obama has framed the tax debate as divisive. He is the one that keeps saying the rich are getting richer at the expense of the middle class. What does he expect the reaction to be – people are going to hear that and get upset at the rich.

    I was having a conversation with a landscaper friend of mine who was having a tough year. He said he didn’t like Obama but he still thought the rich should pay more in taxes. I asked him what he thought if that rich client next year postponed his landscape project because the government took more in taxes then in previous years – I heard crickets. I told him don’t worry the government will create some demand with those extra tax dollars and everything will be ok in about 4 years in time for the next election.

    The left can spout all these facts and figures but words have meaning and Obama words and tone create a perception of tax the rich to redistribute the wealth. So even if he hasn’t be able to – his words indicate a desire to increase taxes which justifies the ad.

    • A single payer system would work by the government funding healthcare. Taxes would likely go up, but I ask you would you really be unwilling to pay a little bit more in taxes to ensure that every person has access to healthcare? Successful european countries have much higher tax burdens than us and businesses still operate smoothly and individuals still have disposable income. Once again this idea that higher taxes creates uncertainty and instability in the economy just doesn’t line up with facts.

      Yes, America has poor healthcare results when compared to other countries. Take a look.

      country hc exp % GDP Per cap exp Life expectancy Infant mortality rate
      United States 13.9 6,096.20 78.3 6.06
      Germany 10.8 3,521.40 79.4 4.2
      Denmark 8.6 3,896.60 78.3 4.63
      Sweden 8.8 3,532 80.9 2.74
      Finland 7 2,664.30 79.3 3.59
      Canada 9.4 3,037.60 80.7 4.82
      France 9.4 3,464 80.7 4.31
      United Kingdom 7.5 2,899.70 79.4 4.62

      So we have higher healthcare expenditures as a percentage of GDP and we spend way more per capita yet we have the lowest life expectancy and the highest infant mortality rate. So it seems pretty obvious socialized medicine has better results than our system. And drug research and innovation won’t stop under this system. Right now most research is publicly funded anyways.

      This whole class warfare is over 3 percent. Democrats want to end the Bush era tax cuts, that’s it. Is that really class warfare? Further, the tax cuts didn’t work! All they did was drive up our debt. Also, was President Clinton engaging in class warfare when he raised taxes? This is a new term being used by Republicans who think all economic problems can be solved by lower taxes. The economy is much more complex.

      And the rich have been getting richer at the expense of the middle class. Since 1980 when we began this supply side approach to the economy we have seen the wealthiest Americans’ income rise dramatically while the middle and lower classes have stayed stagnate. When you cut taxes for wealthy individuals they do not “create jobs” they put it in their bank accounts.

      • AJones> I’d also add to your comment about a small-ish tax increase to make health care available for all. In a singlepayer system those higher taxes (which would be a decent amount more) are all that an individual would have to pay for their access to care as opposed to the hundreds paid in premiums per month and HUGE deductibles we face now under our current system.
        What it amounts to is paying significantly less out of pocket for healthcare under a singlepayer. This is something the opposition does not consider. All they see is higher taxes but disregard the money they would no longer have to pay to private insurers.

  3. You never told me how a signal payer system reduces the cost fo health care? If you tell me that the government will regulate their salaries then how do we continue to incent med students to mortgage $250k to get a medical education? What do we do when the supply of doctors goes down? I guess we will have raise their salaries to get more supply or reduce the level of services we offer. Again a nice unintended consequence that the left never thinks thru.

    So I guess you agree the ad is justified in label Obama’s fair share theme as a redistributor of our wealth.

    If the whole class warfare debate is over 3% then why is the left even bothering? It won’t solve the deficit problem. To solve the deficit you would have to raise the taxes alot more then 3% to sustain the amount of spending that the left desires. So the left is not trying to solve the problem with this 3% tax increase but just trying to score points with their liberal base (i.e. Class Warfare).

    So the rich keep all their money in their bank accounts. What happens to the money in their bank acocunts? It is available for the next generation of small business owners to borrow in an attempt to become the next rich generation and along the way they create jobs. What the left would rather do is take that money out of that rich persons bank account and decide which friend of the party they will give it to (e.g. Solyndra, public sector unions). Then those friends give the money back in campaign donations. That is a nice way redistribute the rich persons money into the hands of politicians in Washington. Yes the rich get richer and Dems are at the top of the list but they are doing it with tax dollars. Nice system they have created for themselves.

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