The Refutation of the “Republican Revolution” – Part 3








This poster is interesting because the facts are true, but it’s presented in a misleading fashion.  It seems to blame the President for the problems in all these areas and it seems to disregard that Mr. Obama came into office at the pinnacle of the worst recession since the Great Depression.  The poster wants to convey Obama caused the mess we currently face.

First, the credit rating downgrade was mostly due to the debacle this summer when Congress decided to make raising the debt ceiling a controversial item. That controversy was brought about by ideological Republicans who felt raising the debt ceiling was not in the best interest of the country.

Second, the 8.3 percent unemployment rate is actually a good sign.  Yes, when President Obama came into office the unemployment rate was lower, but he came into office while the economy was crumbling. When he stepped into the White House the economy was losing 750,000 jobs a month and now the economy is creating thousands of jobs each month.  Also, it was not until June 2009 when the President passed his stimulus package and by October 2009 the unemployment rate began its downward trend.

Third, trying to blame one person for rising gas prices is just absurd.  Oil is a global market, and most economists agree the president (Republican or Democrat) has little effect on gas prices.  As an aside, under Obama we have decreased our foreign oil consumption.   The current increase in gas prices is being driven primarily by the problems in Iran. Like I said, global market not one person.

Fourth, the national debt has increased a lot under President Obama, but once again he came into office during a recession where demand was down, consumer confidence was low and banks were unwilling to make loans.  In these conditions there are two options, increase spending, like the President did, or use austerity measures, like Europe did.  Looking at the state of Europe I think the President made the right decision. Also, Bush came into office with a national debt of $5 trillion and left with a national debt of  $10 trillion.

Fifth, this one is arguably wrong.  We are currently only in 1 war, Afghanistan.  And unless you forgot, the big reason we went to Afghanistan was to get Osama and guess what… Obama got him.  Further, President Obama has removed our troops from Iraq (1 war down).  The third war against Libya was incredibly successful.  The President’s plan worked.  We helped rid the country of a terrible dictator with minimal spending and zero soldiers being sent there (2 wars down).

Sixth, yes the President extended unemployment benefits. How dare he help people during a recession?  He should have let them go hungry.

Finally, there has not been an annual budget, which is true.  However, President Obama has submitted budget proposals each year.  Congress just failed to approve them.  I’ll admit the Congressional Democrats are somewhat responsible, but it is not Obama’s fault. And is the poster really trying to purport the mess we are in is due to Congress failing to pass a budget proposal?  Also, there may have been an annual budget in 2008 but in 2007 and 2005 when Republicans had control of both houses no budget was passed.


4 thoughts on “The Refutation of the “Republican Revolution” – Part 3

  1. Nice refutations. President Obama put the breaks on the free-falling economy and has clearly reversed its course and now his critics are trying to skewer him just because we aren’t back to where we started from, yet.

  2. The Credit down grade happened because we can’t control our spending and the credit limit has to keep rising. If we would have demonstrated a williness to control spending during the summer credit limit debate then we would still have a AAA rating.

    Try this at home. Keep asking for an increase in your credit card limit every time you hit the cap. Then see what happens to your credit score. The debating process wasn’t the cause for the downgrade – the final deal was the cause of the downgrade. Obama didn’t manage the process properly to get our spending under control – so he is rightly tagged with the blame.

    When Obama passed his signature economic legislation – the Stimulas bill – he promised the American people that unemployment would not go above 8%. He used that as an excuse to rush this massive spending plan thru his Dem controlled congress. Well unemployment hit 10% and stayed above 9% for most of his first term. Also, millions of people have given up looking for work. These people are no longer counted in the unemployment numbers. So the real unemployment rate is much higher.

    Obama’s energy plan is no existent other then to promote Green energy which in the long term will be a good thing. However, in the short term he blocks many traditional energy initiatives that go against his Greeen Energy agenda. Th oil spill in the gulf was a terrible accident but Obama’s over reaching stop of all oil production in the gulf killed jobs in the south and sent a bad signal to the world oil markets. Obama got luck with a mild winter or gas prices would have been rising more rapidly then they are now. It is also common knowledge that Obama enjoys high gas prices because it allows him to use the high prices as an excuse to promote his Green agenda. Obama has set the tone for high gas prices.

    Banks were unwilling to loan money due to the excessive overregulation introduced by this President. To say he had two options in 2009 is misleading. He could have pushed for more business friendly legislation to encourage risk taking and investment to get people back to work. Instead he went back to the only ideas he was taught which was to try to spend our way out of the recession. Then once he passed the Stimulas he assumed everything was fixed and moved on more anti-business legislation – health care. He would have been better to stay focused on the economy and then when we were back on an agressive growth track he could have pursued health care. instead business was hit with too much uncertainty and there is now alot of money on the sidelines waiting to see what business he will try to demonize next. Also the $15 Trillion debt number is conservative. It is projected to hit $20 Trillion early in his second term. This is totally unsustainable and we will be like Europe soon – like it our not.

    I give Obama credit for staying the course with Bush’s war strategies to get Osama. The point is still valid. Obama was fighting 3 wars. Success in Libya good job! He may have ended the Iraq war to soon for political reasons. Lets hope we don’t have to go back because we left to soon – so Obama could say he got us out during his re-election campaign.

    Obama had to extend unemployment benefits because his economic policies were failing. He didn’t understand how to get the country moving again. He joked later after his stimulas failed that jobs weren’t as shove ready as he thought – very funny to the people out of work.

    During the mid year 2010 election cycle Obama allowed his Dem leadership to not pass a budget because they were concerned about re-election. He is the leader of the Democratic Party. He needs to lead and get his own party to pass a budget. Truly the GOP didn’t pass a budget in 2005 and 2007 but the Sentate has never gone 3 straight years without passing budget. At least in 2006 we had an approved budget to get things realigned. Right now we are running blind for 3 years. We don’t have a financial plan and our debt will hit $20 Trillion. Greece here we come.

    • The credit downgrade occurred because of the debt ceiling debate. Government had been increasing spending for years it wasn’t until congress decided not to raise the debt ceiling that we were downgraded. And raising the debt ceiling is not about spending more money it is about paying back money we have already spent. So taking that decision to the wire was a political move that had nothing to do with fiscal responsibility. And conservatives always wants to compare government to individuals and corporations but government is entirely different.

      Obama never promised that unemployment would not go above 8%, that is simply untrue and is a lie being spouted by the Romney campaign again.

      The idea that Obama is only interested in green energy is also wrong. Subsidies for renewable energy, amounted to only 6 billion dollars. Meanwhile subsidies for coal were 8 billion, nuclear 9 billion and oil 41 billion. Also, Obama has not stopped drilling for oil. He just decided that after the largest oil spill in our nation’s history some more research should be done before we start making new wells.

      The idea that banks aren’t lending because of too much regulation is misleading. Lack of regulation is what put us in this mess to begin with. You say you want more risky lending? Risky lending led to banks being over-leveraged, which was a major contributor to the financial collapse. Further, businesses are doing fine. If Obama has been so anti business why is business confidence and the stock market back to pre-recession levels?

      I admitted in my post these facts were correct, but the poster implies due to Obama we are in more of a mess now. The fact is we are not in 3 wars anymore. 2 of them are over and the one we are still in, Afghanistan, we took out their leader. So the point may be valid but the argument is not.

      Obama policies are not failing but we are still dealing with the worst recession since the Great Depression. Recovery is not going to happen overnight and I don’t think its fair to say extending unemployment benefits during a terrible recession means we are in more of a mess.

      Like I said I agree congressional Democrats have not passed a budget but it is not unprecedented for a congress to do that.

      Finally, we are nothing like a Greece. There biggest problem is an inability to collect taxes. We do not have that problem in America.

      One last note, you have repeatedly said fault and praise is with congress not with the president, on that basis alone this poster is misleading.

  3. So Obama had no blame in the downgrade of the credit? If its about paying back money already spent then Obama is a major problem. Just look at the budget he released. Obama could have lead a deficit reduction move during the negotations but he chose to follow and kick the can down the road. If you blame the GOP then you have blame Obama for not trying to pay down our debt.

    The 8% unemployment figure was part of the adminstrations projections to sell the stimulas. So I guess congress was duped into voting for the stimulas on false projections. Maybe other moves could have been taken if these proejections weren’t used to force the stimulas on his Dem controlled congress.

    The oil market is based on perception. Even if Obama did all these great things for oil companies – which I believe he did – he never mentions it as a great accomplishment. He should broadcast to the world his committment to the oil companies. He can’t do that because he will lose support from his environmental lobby. He sets the tone and perception and he wants gas high so we can debate the benefits of alternative energies.

    I am not saying risky lending. I am saying create an environment where business owners feel they will be rewarded with keeping more of their profits if they take risks and suceed rather then be punished for being successful. Again its about tone. Obama demonizes successful business and people which doesn’t a foster pro-business environment.

    Also, the banking collapse was due to years of allowing people who can’t afford a house to get in over their head. This was encouraged by the government of both parties.

    Obama admitted his major talking point on the stimulas didn’t work. He said shovel ready wasn’t really shovel ready. He even joked about it. I would argue the stock market is doing well due to the House being in control of the GOP and the Senate might go next. This is very similar to 1995 when the GOP took over the House and the Senate. The stock market is based on perception and the stock market feels more business friendly times are ahead with the GOP in control of both chambers.

    It is unprecedented to go this long – 3 fiscal years – without a budget. Especially at this critical stage with the debt increasing so rapidly – this total irresponsible and criminal. The Dems just don’t have the guts to deal with the issue and would rather kick the can down the road.

    You are correct. We are not like Greece. We have taking people’s money down to a science. Its the spending part that we can’t control. Why can’t Dems even consider the possibility that this gravy train of spending our tax dollars will some day have major consequences.

    The President is the leader of the party that has been in control of both Chambers since 2006 (except one year 2011 when the GOP took the house). So two out of his 3 years in office he and his party had total control. So the issues mentioned can be pinned on him and his Dems in Congress.

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