One Step Closer to a Plutocracy

Disappointingly but not surprisingly President Obama changed his message on the usage of Super PACs.   After the 2010 decision, Mr. Obama showed his concern and disdain for the Citizens United ruling.  However, yesterday the President announced he is in favor of financial contributions to his own Super PAC.  He justified this flip-flop due to the massive cash flows going to the Republican candidates.  Although the President and White House still say they are against Citizens United they had the stark realization that without Super PAC spending in their favor they would not be able to compete in the general election.  Although the President’s decision is upsetting it is completely understandable.

The Citizens United ruling allowed for unlimited campaign contributions to Super PACs.  Many argued this would lead to a lot of the consequences we are seeing today.  Consequences like million dollar negative ad campaigns put out by faceless entities.  It allows for the richest Americans and wealthiest companies to have more power and a greater sway in policy-making.  Since Super PACs do not have contribution limits, like normal campaign contributions, it means the normal person’s donation becomes irrelevant.

Due to Citizens United the rich now dominate politics.  Huge campaign contributions by eccentric billionaires have squandered the voice of the average person.  Our democracy, which actually means rule by the poor, is becoming a plutocracy where the rich make all decisions without consideration for anyone but themselves.  The President’s endorsement of his Super PAC is another win for the plutocrats.


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