Another Gaff, Or was it?

The 24-hour news networks have loved Romney and his weekly gaffs. Each week it’s something new it’s telling a crowd corporations are people or making a 10,000-dollar bet with Rick Perry or in a prepared speech saying he enjoys firing people or his most recent gaff of explaining why he doesn’t care about the poor. I understand they are just quotes and somewhat taken out of context but they all have a similar message.  All his gaffs are related to income and the growing divide between the rich and the poor.  This is why he has trouble connecting with an audience. This is why he is not relatable to the average American. He doesn’t understand who actually needs help in this economy.  He doesn’t understand the hardships faced by the average person in this recession. Further, his ideas and policies are not geared toward easing the pain felt by those people. I find that problematic. If Romney continues making these “gaffs” I’ll begin to wonder whether or not they are actually gaffs.


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