Delusions and the Delusional

As the GOP primary continues on I just see the candidates as delusional.  This election cycle has highlighted the Republican Party’s disconnect with the average person.  More over it has highlighted that these candidates are not viable options to become President of the United States.

Rick Santorum and Newt Gingrich are under the delusion religion is at the heart of every issue.  The evangelical base may be important in the primary but it is not the majority of the Republican Party and certainly not the view held by the nation as a whole.  Gingrich takes any shot he can to say other candidates or President Obama are creating a war on religion.  Mr. Obama extended a women’s right to have access to birth control.  Gingrich took that as a war against religion – delusional.

Gingrich has also campaigned he is the ideas candidate. What are these ideas that are going to put America back on top? Lower taxes for the wealthy? Decrease the capital gains rate to 0? Yeah, those ideas are truly revolutionary.  Or maybe he is referring to his idea of putting black children to work as janitors so they understand what it means to put in a hard day’s work.  Or maybe it is his idea of telling black people to just get off food stamps? Those aren’t ideas or solutions it’s just racism.  Wait, sorry I forgot about his idea to build a permanent station on the moon – delusional.

Then there is Mitt Romney who just cannot understand why everyone does not have millions of dollars like him.  Romney is under the delusion everyone has the same opportunity to become rich. He constantly boasts that he earned his wealth, he did not inherit it, and I do not doubt that. However, he seems to forget he was raised with a lot of opportunities of which most people can only dream.  He may have earned his wealth but he did have help.  It would be nice to see policies and ideas geared toward giving people opportunities to succeed. After all not all of our fathers were former governors – delusional.


2 thoughts on “Delusions and the Delusional

  1. I certainly will agree that the candidates have not been campaigning the way I wish they would. But, I keep hearing everyone talk about how candidates are “out of touch” with the average person. To be honest, I couldn’t care less if a politician identified with me or not, as long as they have solutions. The average person is not prepared to be president.

    • I completely agree in the sense that i don’t care if i could have a beer with the president or not. I don’t want my president drinking. Where it matters though is the candidates are running campaigns that are not going to help the average person they are not coming up with policies or solutions that will actually help people who are need of help e.g. unemployed people. So i agree with your point but the candidates do not have to connect with the average person but they do have to understand what must be done to help the average person.

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