A Populist Platform for 2012

In last night’s State of the Union Address we saw the President’s re-election plan.  I am happy to say it is the populist message which he will be using to win the election.  This is about promoting job growth in America, reforming the tax code to help the less fortunate, encouraging programs that would help the 99 percent and most of all to curb the growing income inequality the nation is facing.  It is encouraging to see this as the paramount issue because it has been a part of the fray early in his Administration. 

A recent New Yorker article points this out exactly.  As more evidence shows income inequality causes devastating consequences for an economy President Obama is correct to make that his main concern.  As the article explains Obama came into office in a banking crisis and thought his purpose should be fixing that problem and restoring the banks.  In part that is necessary but solving those problems at the expense of the vast majority of people is clearly not ideal. 

He focused on the wrong problems when coming into office but now his message is on point.  The greatest problems we face no longer affect corporations or banks or wealthy Americans but rather regular people who are unemployed or underemployed, do not have healthcare, are burdened with massive debt or students with burgeoning student loans.  Hopefully the President’s speech is more than just rhetoric and is based on actual plans and programs to help those who need help.

I am optimistic the populist message will actually be carried out.  Although the greater portion of his Presidency has not been focused on evening the playing field he has done a lot to help the average person; it has just not been publicized.  As a New York Times article pointed out The Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) is a huge victory for income inequality.  Although this point is rarely talked about, his healthcare plan will benefit lower and middle class citizens. I think this coming year we will hear a much more populist message which is exactly what we need. 


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