We cannot afford 4 more years of Obama. WHY?

An overused talking point by all of the republican nominees has been the country cannot afford 4 more years of Obama. According to their rhetoric (Bachmann’s Withdrawal Speech) 4 more years of his policies will lead us into a socialist abyss destined to live out our days poor, hungry and homeless.  They keep saying this but I still cannot figure out why? What has he done that is socialist or leading us down a path of destruction?

I do not understand why Bachmann is so intent on referring to everything he does as being socialist. She claims Obama’s healthcare is socialist. First, it’s not! (Let’s just put that out there) Second the individual mandate, which is typically what is cited as socialist, is actually an idea from the Heritage Foundation (Right Wing think tank) and proposed back in the 90’s by Gingrich as a counter plan to the health reform proposed by Hillary Clinton.  The plan is not socialist it is not requiring everyone to have government healthcare.  It simply is increasing the insurance pool to decrease costs and no longer burden hospitals and other patients with the costs of those who do not have health insurance.

So he may not be a socialist but his policies are running the nation into the ground, right?  The short answer is no.  Although growth has not been ideal it is still growth.  Obama took office during the greatest financial crisis since the great depression and since 2010 there has been an upward trend in the GDP growth rate and a downward trend in the jobless claims and unemployment rate. And more recently the ADP reports that 325,000 jobs were created in December and jobless claims are down 15,000 from last month.  The economy is on the right track.

So I do not understand why we cannot afford 4 more years of Obama? Coming into his presidency he received a failing economy which he is slowly and steadily returning too normal. And he has been able to do this with a Republican House hell bent on doing absolutely nothing.  So I think the economy and the country needs 4 more years of Obama.  What we cannot afford is to continue the political game House and Senate Republicans are playing.


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